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Consulting Services

My expertise is in Healthcare Organizations, however, many of the consulting services offered are applicable and scalable to any industry. 

All services are tailored to your unique business needs.

Fill out the form below to highlight the areas of focus. If our services align with your needs, we will schedule an introductory meeting to outline the scope of work. 

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Staffing and Retention

Reducing turnover starts with hiring the right people and then creating an environment where they feel safe and fulfilled. Whether you're a Healthcare start-up wanting to ensure you hire the best talent from the onset or you're an established business needing to improve retention and quality of staff, we can help identify areas of opportunity in the interview process, onboarding experience, and company culture contributing to high turnover rates. 


Leadership Development and Team Building

I would argue that the effectiveness of frontline managers are the primary indicator of success for any business, yet rarely, do they receive the leadership training necessary to foster successful teams. From optimizing 1:1 meetings and performance reviews to building cohesive and trusting teams, we will help design a leadership training program specific to your organizational structure. 


Employee Wellness

In order to build a long lasting, successful organization, employees must feel healthy, energized, and fulfilled. Employee wellness encompasses not only physical health, but also emotional, mental, and psychological wellness. Through employee questionnaires and interviews, we will first gauge your current level of employee wellness and help develop a plan to engage your teams to improve their individual wellness.

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