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Practitioner Grade Supplements

In a perfect world, we would derive all of our essential nutrients from the food we eat. But with the ever waning quality of our food compounded by chaotic lives that often leave little time for intentional food preparation, our diets could use a little nutritional support. However, the FDA is not authorized to approve dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed, so you're often not getting what you're paying for.


Pure Encapsulations Supplements are produced by Atrium Innovations, a GMP and NSF International registered manufacturing facility and ISO accredited for in-house laboratories and approved to produce certified organic products. In short, you can rest assured that you are taking exactly what's on the label - no more, no less. 

Pure Encapsulations products are FREE FROM:
wheat, soy*, dairy*, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts, & gluten
*except where labeled

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Consult your primary care provider to discuss which supplements would optimize your individualized health plan and to discuss any potential interactions with current medications and supplements. 

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